Words for you from a Jain monk


Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!

I am currently at a religious convention in Detroit, Michigan. For those of you who are new to me, I am Jain. Jainism is more of a philosophy versus a religion. Its main tenant is nonviolence, which is called Ahimsa. To give you some more reference for Jainism, one of Mahatma Gandhi’s main teachers was a Jain monk.

Here is a picture of me, my dad, and my brother at the convention, sitting in the hotel.

Yesterday was the first day of the convention and I am already learning so much. I am so excited to be here because I get the blessed opportunity to be surrounded by gurus and monks from India who are walking the path to enlightenment.  These are monks that meditate in the mountains of India for years. Their words have a way to hit home and straight to the heart. The power of their own understanding and alignment within themselves allows them to have a way to let your guards down and allow them in.

This week, I feel compelled to write to you in more of a spiritual tone. I always have droplets of that in every single one of my love notes to you, because truth be told: everything in your life starts with you.

An unlimited amount of Love resides within you. In every single email I send to you, it is my intention that you get closer to that Love inside you, so that you have plenty for yourself first and THEN plenty for others.

A monk spoke yesterday and this is what I wrote down for you. These aren’t his exact words; these are my interpretation and summary.

You were BORN a WINNER. Meaning: From the moment you were born, you were meant to succeed.

There are so many galaxies in the universe and out of all the galaxies, you are part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Within this galaxy, there is so much space and you were born on this planet, planet Earth. Earth is made up of 2/3 water, and 1/3 land. And then on Earth, there are so many living things: animals, insects, plants, and humans. And you were born a human.

On Earth there are 7.2 billion people, and you are one of them. I know that might not seem so miraculous at first glance, but when you place that against all the galaxies in existence, and all the different life forms that exist on this planet, how you came to be born on this planet as a human is pretty phenomenal.

For you to be born, one sperm had to meet one egg in your mother’s womb. Within one ejaculation, there are 17 million sperm that are released, and only 1 can reach the egg. 1 out of 17 million is determined enough to make it to the egg. And when those two join, you begin to exist. And not only exist, but to have the unique DNA combination that you do, to be who you are today genetically and behaviorally.

You are a masterpiece.

There is no other you in the entire world. If you were to ask someone in your life, “Is there anyone else you know that is exactly like me?”, they would say “No!” Maybe there’s someone that has some facial features like you do, or reminds them of you in the way they talk, but there’s no one exactly like YOU.

Now here is what I want you to get. This may seem like something you have heard before. I know it isn’t profound at first glance. Yet, if you were to really take in the chances the number of incidences that had to be aligned for you to be born, it is pretty mind-blowing.

So, you may sometimes feel like: I am not…

Pretty enough
smart enough
cool enough
young enough
loved enough

And truth is out of all the chances in the world, the universe had its bets on you, and that is why you are in existence.

When you are able to pull yourself out of your thoughts about your current life situation, you can watch and observe this miracle this greatness that is YOU. Wow, is all I can say.

Your Lovework for this week is:

Feel the miracle of your existence. Know that the man that is right for you will also see you this way. However, you have to see yourself like this first. So when you have a moment of feeling down this week, rise above the moment, feeling, and situation and watch yourself. Humans have that ability. We are blessed that way. Try to do this 3 times this week.

See that the moment is fleeting and will not last, and that you are just moving through it. Your thoughts and your feelings are important. Acknowledge them and know you have the ability to be separate from them too.  Now that is power, and true Independence.

Also, tell me how it feels to take in the idea of all of the universe had to be aligned for you to enter the world. What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments below.

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