Just got back and feeling good


I just came back from a Jain Convention and from visiting my parents in Cincinnati. As soon as I landed in NYC, I felt different than usual. I realized that feeling filled up by the love of my parents really placed me into a new mindset. From there, I went straight into a 3-day workshop with my business coach. 

I now feel even more revived. There is something so extremely powerful about getting support and letting people guide you in your life, especially people that have achieved what it is that you want to achieve.

I decided several years ago that if I am struggling in some way in my life, I wouldn’t do it alone. I would get support and that decision has lead me down the FASTEST path to:

Feeling cherished in my relationship
Allowing my friends and family support me
Making multiple 6 figures in my business
Being able to take vacation whenever I want
Working from anywhere
Owning that I am the creator of my life

And I am going to get bold with you. I see WAY too many women that are single and looking for love and women within relationships trying to do it all by themselves -- OR keeping love on the back burner, thinking it will just take care of itself.

The truth is: every single human being on this planet yearns to be loved, cared for, and understood.

Yet, everyday we make decisions that isolate us -- that make us feel like we have to do it on our own.

At work, a co-worker asks if they can help us with something and we respond by saying we can handle it.

Your mom asks you, “What you want to eat?”, and you think, ”Why does she ask this all the time?” and get annoyed or simply say, “I don’t want anything.”

A friend asks if you need help with a party you are throwing and you say, “Nope, I am good.”

I get why you do this.

Either you want it done your way, you don’t want to be disappointed if someone doesn’t follow through, or you are afraid that you will be a burden to them.

Well, this is attracting in a whole lot of loneliness. And many of you are doing this all over your life.

What is going to change this pattern so you can vibrate from a place that attracts in all kinds of love?

This week, you TELL ME! What is going to change this for you? Because I know you have heard this quote by Einstein before: Insanity is the doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. And the Kavita modification is: If you are getting the same results, then you aren’t doing anything differently -- even if it feels like you are.

Tell me your answer in the comments below. That’s your Lovework for this week. I want to hear from you.

Kavita Recommends:

I have been wanting to write a book forever. Well, that is an exaggeration. When I was in corporate working for a boutique consulting firm in NYC, I never thought I would be an author. I was horrible at grammar, sentence structures are not my thing, and at times, I felt I was horrible writer. Later I realized that actually, I was a horrible business writer, which I am TOTALLY okay with!

The funny thing is, when you are passionate about what you do, and a sense of purpose comes from deep within you, the content, the writing and the mission to spread your message just oozes out of you. Well, it has for me.

In alignment with getting the support I need from someone that is living it, I hired Linda Sivertsen, who is now my good friend and one of my favorite people in the world.

I always imagined writing my book by the beach, looking out into the vastness of the ocean, taking in the wisdom of it, and being supported in all the questions that swirl around in my head on how to get this book out in the world.

Linda has created that EXACTLY that for me. If you want to write a book, then you want to write it with this woman by your side! Check out her upcoming retreats HERE.

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