How Support From Others Can Help You Find Love


Do you have the ability to get your vision to a reality? In love and life, you need SUPPORT!

And to be honest, I have had this realization before, but what I keep seeing is that there are new levels of understanding and love. The amount of love I feel for Hemal, my parents, and my friends, is now at a whole other level than what I had felt for the exact same people 3 years ago.

There are new levels of love to attain, until there is nothing but pure, unconditional love flowing through you for everyone and everything in the world. Pure compassion. All of this already exists within you.

What I am trying to express to you through my own story is…SUPPORT is essential to getting to a place of more love for life, yourself, and others.

I can’t emphasize enough how letting go and asking for SUPPORT will get you to where you want to go in your path. Everything big and great in life requires a SYMPHONY OF PEOPLE to make it happen.

Your Lovework:

Think about the monks. Their work would not be complete without the support of the householders, just as my work would not be complete without the support of my husband. Whose support do you need to reach your love goals? Start practicing this now.

I would love to hear about your love goals and whose support you need to get there. CLICK HERE to comment! 

To living BIG,


This article was originally published at Kavita J Patel. Reprinted with permission from the author.