How Support From Others Can Help You Find Love


Do you have the ability to get your vision to a reality? In love and life, you need SUPPORT!

I had a blessed upbringing where I grew up listening to the wisdom of monks and gurus. I’m talking about the real deal here- the gurus that come from India and have given up all worldly possessions. They literally walk barefoot, with just a bowl and some smaller possessions.

When a monk becomes a monk in India, they take a vow of giving up everything- money, possessions, and even their families. For food, they go from home to home, and are given food by the householders. This is seen as a MAJOR honor to serve food to a monk. They only take what fits in their bowl, and that’s it.

One of my gurus said to me one day, “A monk is on their path with full focus being on achieving enlightenment, and without the householders whom provide us with nourishment and food, we couldn’t do what is necessary in our path.” They are totally dependent on their food needs from others.

You may be asking, “What does this have to do with love?” Well, it ties perfectly into my anniversary!

Last weekend was my anniversary, whoot whoot! Hemal and I celebrated being married for 5 years. Gosh, time flies!! We have been in each other’s lives now for 13 years all together. Crazy! We didn’t do anything spectacular (and actually this anniversary was subtly celebrated) but it invoked within me so much love for him.

In my relationship, I have this thing where I feel that I have to constantly be able to bring in enough money to support MY lifestyle. When I think about it, I actually don’t even count the financial support that I receive from Hemal. Yes, we have a joint account and everything, yet I don’t even look at that. I focus in on where my account is, and I decide whether I feel financially secure based solely on my account.

Now this can be tricky because my attitude toward my finances ends up stirring up a feeling of having to do it all on my own. Scarcity. I feel burdened, alone, and pressured.

My vision and mission in life are BIG. I am committed to helping women everywhere realize that they have access to feeling loved RIGHT NOW, and to understanding that feeling alone is not a condition. For this vision to become a reality, I know it requires ME to feel FULLY supported by my husband in every way emotionally, physically, and financially.

So, something happened during this anniversary. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of love we share with one another, the man he is, the support he consistently provides, and his belief in me. I let it ALL in, without capping it or saying, “that is enough” (because sometimes it can feel like too much). As I let it in, something shifted where I got that we are in it together (at least for this lifetime) feeling. I realized that he gets my vision, he is on board, and he was divinely placed into my life to support me in every way with my vision. By the way, I am also divinely placed into his life. What a beautiful thing!

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This article was originally published at Kavita J Patel. Reprinted with permission from the author.