Are You Dating A Valentines Day Grinch?

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How to get him to amp up the romance this year!

This is a surefire script. Try this out with the intention that it will go your way instead of thinking he is going to shoot you down. Intentions matter. When you are in a space of expressing yourself and asking for what you want from a genuine place, he will feel it.

If — after using this script — you still find yourself struggling to convince him, then I would ask him what can you do to convince him to take you out. This may be a good way to start foreplay before V-day even gets here.

Ultimately, V-day is one day, and if your man is showing you love everyday — the way it should be — then ask yourself why it is so important to you. Once you identify that answer and get to the root of your desire, maybe you can ask for that in your relationship. Otherwise, a romantic evening on V-day may just be a band-aid.

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