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Medical Intuitive, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer

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You are divine light and come from universal light and love . Let your voice sing, your love blossom, and the muses in the invisible world help you to be playful and enjoy your journey. You are a powerful being of light, and all is within you!!!!

About Kathi Pickett

Author, Speaker, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Registered Nurse with over ten years of professional intuitive and energy healing experience.

Since early childhood, communing with light beings and then working as a registered nurse for over four decades, I learned much about how the universe works with the innate wisdom within our bodies to heal, to transform, and to manifest our desires.  I guide individuals and groups in meditation, spiritual practice, energy healing and conscious lifestyle choices that lead to healing, self-empowerment, peace and ultimately to bring light and joyful living to others. 

In My Own Words: I will lead you on a journey of personal transformation through the energy and mystical realms of magic and possibilities. Life events, illness, grief, transitions, career obstacles and family dysfunction can separate you from the pure light and love at the core of your being. 

Kathi will teach you to ignite your innate wisdom, to develop intuition, to commune with deceased loved ones and spirit beings and most importantly to cooperate with the vibrations of the universe. Relax, enjoy and smile as you learn to unlock the mysteries and truths held deep within the fabric of your being and the tools you need to build resilience and confidence as you become the best you you can be. It is your time!

Kathi Pickett Success Stories

A Mother Healing From the Death of Her Son


"My long-distance healing session with Kathi was wonderful.  My life's journey has been profoundly impacted by her energy work. I received so much insight about myself through our conversation.  I feel a new lightness and sense of purpose as I move forward---it's as if the sun has emerged from behind the clouds.  Amazing!" Thank you so much, Kathi.more

Betsy H.   Midwest

A session to strengthen and reset energy


“The worst that could happen is that I’d have a sorely-needed midday nap”, I said to myself as I booked a private session with Kathi Pickett. What happened was life changing.more

The session began unremarkably. Kathy asked a few questions related to what my intentions for the session might be. I told her that I’d been feeling disconnected from my own spiritual and yoga practice lately. I’d just finished a nasty bout of bronchitis and was at an all-time physical low. I felt completely depleted, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Tired all the time. Going through the motions of day to day life.

Kathi asked me to make myself comfortable on the massage table, and she placed a small Rose Quartz over my heart. She lowered the lights and began to work (a light gentle touch) starting at my feet and legs, moving upward to the crown of my head. I felt a few unusual sensations in the area of my heart below the placement of the stone, I saw colors behind my closed eyes, and felt what I can only describe as a flow or release of energy through my legs and feet. At the end of the session, I felt a bit foggy, uncertain as to what I’d just experienced.

Moments later, the feeling of being lit up like a lightbulb consumed me. I felt that I had been renewed energetically. This energetic reset, or healing, continued to last for months, in fact, I am still be feeling the remnants of her work even now, 7 months later. These remnants manifest as drive, motivation, self-confidence, and an overall sense of health and well-being.


I was so impressed by my personal experience with Kathi, that I felt compelled to share it with a group of 3 of my closest girlfriends while celebrating my milestone birthday. This session took place a few months after my initial introduction to Kathi’s work. My friends are independent, varied in their religious beliefs, and advanced in their careers. They have a diverse set of stressors and pleasures in their lives. Not having experienced a group session of this nature, I had no idea what to expect from Kathi. My friends and I also had not experienced a group energy, or spiritual session together either. So, we were taking a leap of faith with Kathi, as we came together as a group.

Group Healing Energy Session

Women in complicated relationships

Kathi’s assistant booked the session very professionally, and I provided a brief background about each of my friends prior to the session. I was so impressed when Kathi began the session with a spot-on in-depth energetic chakra assessment of each of us. She spoke to each of us directly, making each of us feel seen and acknowledged. She not only spoke to our beings, she spoke to our hearts and souls. She then led us through a very effective visualization/meditation. Afterwards, we each selected archetype cards, and she went into depth on each of our cards and shared how we could put this information to use in our daily lives.more

What was so very unexpected was the tears of joy that we expressed to each other in the intimacy and unity of our friendship. My friends commented that they had not felt such trust and love for each other as friends since being small children. Our spiritually supportive bond has continued since our session. We send each other articles related to our collective and individual learnings from this session, and we hope to take this trust and support into our relationship with each other and our broader circles of friends and family.

Here are a few direct texts that I received from the participating women…

Jackie – I enjoyed Kathi’s enthusiasm and pleasant voice…the guided meditation was very relaxing. I found truth in her session. It’s so great to be with your close friends who you trust with your life.

Marianne – I felt that she was intuitive and on point. In such a brief time, she was able to sense what was going on with me and urged me to accept my gift. I thought she was amazing! I realized that I spoke about things that were inside me, but never spoken. I felt so open and secure, and that is a great feeling.

Cindy – With me, she was on point with my colors! Also, the Don Juan archetype made sense to me. I am not grounded and need to be. The whole trip was amazing, I was with my Angels.

Hilary – While not easy to accept, it is good to see yourself as presented by another. I must honestly question my motives before acting to “help” others.

In summary, Time with Kathi Pickett is not only time well-spent, but it is time that can change the tenor and tone of our lives on a moment-by-moment basis. Kathi is a true professional, well trained in her artistry and her understanding of humanity. I recommend Kathi as one of the best energy-healers that I have ever been blessed to know.