Anxiety Issues

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10 years +


Providence RI 02903 - United States



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Business Coach, Personal Development Coach, Spiritual Healer



I Believe

When we work toward fulfillment, we walk toward a life where we make a difference ― where we leave a positive mark as the result of having lived.

About Kate Siner

I am an educator, facilitator and author, with a PhD in Psychology. I have dedicated my life and career to helping people find, develop and own their personal fulfillment and business success by connecting to their true selves and taking powerful action. My dedication to this works comes from struggling as a single mother with only my GED in my early 20's and pulling myself up by my bootstraps to where I am today running the successful, multi-six-figure mentoring business, Dr. Kate Inc.

While completing my PhD I worked as a hands on healer and massage therapist. I have facilitated transformational work for 1000's of people internationally, am a certified Core Energetics Therapist, an Expressive Arts therapist, and am trained in numerous other therapeutic modalities. I am committed to lifelong growth and development and am currently immersed in a period of intensive self-study.

I have been on NBC, ABC, Fox, and other major networks affiliates speaking on fulfillment and success as well as been featured and quoted in numerous journals, magazines, as well as online resources. I also host a radio show “Real Answers” each week.  I was the winner of the 2015 Women Entrepreneur to Watch Award from Rhode Island Small Business Journal and have been on WPRO, MIX Talk of the Town,  Consciousness Network, TalkStream Radio and others.

Kate Siner Success Stories

LifeWork Community with Dr. Kate

“For me, this program set my feet squarely on the path to share my gifts with the world and stop stalling or sidestepping my highest vision for my life. I have no more excuses for not having the life I want and living from some place other than my creativity and passion. It surprised me how clearly things snapped into focus through the individual and group work we did. Dr. Kate guided us more deeply into awareness and consciousness of ourselves while quickly creating a safe space for the journey, internally and within the group. Since teaching is part of my vision for my life, the pieces that Dr. Kate modeled as facilitator about sharing power, being vulnerable, being 'in the mess', authentic and present, and shifting group energy and dynamics have taken me into a place where I am comfortable in this role, and I can see the richness to be harvested from some places I would have avoided prior to the program. This program exposes the wisdom that we hold but that we miss because we're so used to ourselves. It offers skills to facilitate and navigate where we have not yet gained experience. It’s empowering to stand in each moment fearlessly sharing your gifts with the world and that is exactly what Dr. Kate is doing and what she is offering to the individuals who go through this program.” ~ Andrea C., Shrewsbury, VT

Mentoring with Dr. Kate

“I started to work with Dr. Kate because I had a deep desire to transform my visions for my life into a solid abundant reality. I knew I needed to be clear and Dr. Kate helped me with this. She helped me take a strong look at myself and taught me how to benefit from my strengths and change the things about myself that were no longer working in the best interest for me. Because I worked with Dr. Kate, I was able to gain clarity. I now have peace of mind and have built a solid structure for myself out of which I can operate daily. Overall, I've learned to transform my energy and manifest the type of life I have sought for so long. I recommend Dr. Kate to people that are ready for a change. Because working with Dr. Kate has changed my life and you only have to be open to the change that will occur—and it will.” ~ Mac M., Providence, RI, www.macinkart.com

Working with Dr. Kate in a Personal Intensive

“Kate Siner’s expertise is invaluable! She helped me to define new Love and Relationship Programs; their structure, potential titles and also edited the copy on the Programs pages. As a result, I’ve attracted several new clients who see the benefit of working with me! Kate also gave ideas for an upcoming tele summit gift. After focusing on speaking engagements, 2 organizations booked me to speak!  Thank you, Dr. Kate, for a fabulous VIP day - your direction, knowledge and care!” ~ Cheryl Lazarus, Love and Relationship Expert, http://www.zengalove.com

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