How Passion Can Harm Your Love Life

How Passion Can Harm Your Love Life [EXPERT]

You won't care if he is mature and responsible or if he would make a good father. His unpaid taxes and recent bankruptcy are irrelevant while you are between the sheets. Chemistry shouldn't be the only thing you have in common.

You need to develop good communication with your partner. It is difficult to do that if your entire relationship is based on sex. As you probably already know, the heat of the moment is never the time to have a serious conversation.

3. You can become addicted. The first few months of a relationship are always the most fun and exciting. But, much like an ecstasy induced drug trip, that feeling eventually wears off. If there's nothing else substantiating your relationship besides that passion high, you will be left jonesing for your next fix like a crack addict. When the honeymoon period of your relationship wears off and you can see clearly, you might be disappointed with your partner.

Maybe they are not as smart or attractive as you once thought. All of those cute little quirks you found so endearing suddenly become irritating. Bottom line, you will be dissatisfied and you will start looking elsewhere to recapture that faded euphoria.

Ultimately, following your passion when it comes to a relationship is only going to leave you unhappy and unfulfilled. If you are looking for a meaningful and committed relationship then focus on important qualities like communication, long term goals and overall compatibility. Chemistry shouldn't be the basis of your relationship because it is fleeting. "We Have No Chemistry": What Does He Mean?

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If you allow passion to be the dominant force in your relationships, you will end up bouncing from one short term relationship to the next in search of your next high. You may become a serial monogamist, who is incapable of maintaining a long term meaningful relationship because you are constantly chasing that high. Simply put, in the words of Robert Palmer, you might as well face it you're addicted to love.