Suppose To Be Doing What?


What is on your suppose to list that are actually assumptions from others? Let go now to choose you

Suppose to be and suppose to do lists go on and on don't they?  With each suppose to there is another one that can show up either in support or in opposition.  How often are your supposed lists really just assumptions with no validation?  In life we have a wide list and I want those lists to lead to choices.  Imagine what might be possible if you threw all your supposes up in the air and cast your cares to the wind.  What is it that you really want to be doing today, right now, tomorrow and with who?  I am gonna tell you now that those are what you are suppose to be doing.  Who are you gonna listen to?  We all know that who we listen to most is ourself so let's see about getting ourselfs in alignment and letting go of other people's lists inside of us.  Those lists came from their wants, from their needs and from their assumptions. In love and in life we have core motivators and also core limiting beliefs.  We decide we want something, we are ready to take action, we begin to move and then the counter position shows up, quite often carrying that major "SUPPOSE TO" sign.   Protestors marching in front of your psyche in opposition to the choices you are about to make.  I want to let you know that the sign barer you are heeding has no valid point to make other then an assumption from the past, from a belief and quite often from someone else's view point.  Think about the last time you told yourself "well I am suppose to" and fill in the blank.  What was this really about and where did it lead you?  Quite often it leads us right back to where we started instead of taking us off into a new direction.   Isn't it time to try something new, to experience some changes, to explore and to expand your horizon?  So the next time you find yourself excited about something different and about to jump when the suppose to signs show up just jump right over them and keep going.  You will discover more of who you are meant to be along the way because that is what you are suppose to do.  Also come hear more from your soul with Soul Language at Emotional Wisdom Training Radio Friday 1:00pm ET 9/13/13