Searching For Love In All The Right Places?


There is no wrong place as there is no right place. Love could be found on your front porch.

People are often looking for love, then they say they have been looking in all the wrong places when they haven't found it.  What keeps us from finding love, is it that we aren't going to the right places, aren't meeting the right people, the sites we are on and the information we have listed?  What is it really that has kept you from finding love?  Is it that you don't know what, who or even how to look for it?  I found the love of my life sitting on his front porch and when people ask him how he got so lucky to find me he loves to say I just looked out my front door and met her on my front porch.  What we both did right was have a list.  We both knew who and what we were looking for.  We then shared our list with other people.  I shared my list with his neighbors who knew his list and they said we know just the perfect person for you to both of us and they were right.  So make a list and share it with every one you know because they know a lot of other people just like you who are looking for love too.  The right place is right where you are, the wrong place is with your eyes shut.  Open your eyes and starting looking.