Will Unfriending Your Ex Help You Move On?

Will Unfriending Your Ex Help You Move On? [EXPERT]
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What is more important to you after your breakup? Is it to keep tabs on your ex while he moves on with his life, or is it to move on with your own life? If you want to keep tabs on him ask yourself why. What does it do for you to keep him on your mind? Are you afraid that if you really let go then he will truly be gone forever? Are you afraid that you will feel more alone if you do not have that reminder of him?

Once you have asked yourself these questions, ask yourself again what is most important to you. Once you decide your life is what is most important, you can make the move to unfriend him, and face the uncertainty of a future without him. While you are at it, take his number out of your phone and delete his texts and emails. Maybe you will finally find out that you are strong enough to be on your own. 8 Tips To Thrive In An Empty Nest

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