Is Online Dating The Only Way To Find Love?

Is Online Dating The Only Way To Find Love? [EXPERT]

When you meet someone in person, you get to see if there is any immediate attraction. Pheromones get involved and you have a chance to really see what he is about without interpreting the emotional meaning within an email or text message.

These days, we want quick fixes, short cuts and instant gratification. We also want solutions that reduce the time and energy put into a project because we already have so much going on. Dating sites may appear to offer a simple solution and quick fix, while traditional dating may feel like a lot of work with no guarantees, but which one really net the most results? Train Your Pet, Motivate Your Kids

When I look at the information I get from people I discuss love with, traditional dating appears to be in the lead. Both avenues are a lot of work.

Dating sites require time, patience and willingness to view or talk to many different people, while traditional dating requires that same time and patience with more emotional risk.

So you may spend the same amount of time in both and come out with a new partner, but at least with traditional dating, you will have done some personal work that will help you to identify the right person for you. If you do choose to online date, try to push yourself to include some traditional dating.

Have a conversation with an interesting person you’ve just met, introduce yourself to a stranger, and take a risk. Also be aware of the reasons you have chosen online dating.

Are you afraid of being rejected face to face? Or do you work seven days a week, 12 hours a day in a job that does not allow for interaction with others?

Meeting people is frustrating and scary. My hope is that by pushing yourself to take a risk and reach out to another person in a face-to-face scenario, you will be able to find the one you are meant to be with. While you are in the world, take a risk and look up every once in a while. You never know who may be looking up too.