Older Women - Can They Still Have 'It'?

Older Women - Can They Still Have 'It'?

Is it okay for a woman who is called 'Grandma' to also be called 'sexy'?

Now I'm not saying that a 50 year old woman should pretend she is 20. There are lines that we all need to watch. I'm talking about owning your age. Showing what 50+ can be. We all know what an insecure older woman who is trying to behave like a 20-year-old looks like. It's desperate and attention-seeking. But a woman who says, "Yes, I am this age, I have lived, I have raised children, I have been there and back" exudes a confidence that is the epitome of sexy.

These are not cougars. They are not necessarily looking to nab a younger man to hold onto their youth. If they happen to attract a younger man with their confidence and energy, more power to them!  But they do not need to have youth close to them to prove their value. These are women who have value because of everything they have to offer that comes with knowledge and experience.

If you find yourself at this age and you are still ready to go – let yourself run with it. Keep to your values and really live your life. If you allow those nay-sayers and the jealousy of other women who do not have your confidence or the insecurity of men who are threatened by it, to put you back in that corner you will guarantee yourself a deep bout of depression.

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So I say to all the grandmas out there who are not ready to give up on life just yet: Congratulations! You are an inspiration and I salute your strength and independence.