The Trick To Preventing Infidelity In Your Relationship

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Are you ready to affair-proof your relationship?

You might want to also ask if there is something he needs from you. The only way we can be sure we are meeting our partners' needs is if they confirm what they want. Guessing and blindly throwing darts just hoping to hit the bull's eye gets us nowhere.

Once you have stated your need, given a clear, concise way he can help you achieve it and committed to fulfilling his needs, your relationship will be less susceptible to an affair. If it turns out that you haven't identified your needs correctly, go back to the drawing board and try again. If the truth is that your real need is to be out of this relationship, do both of you a favor and say that. It will not spare the other person's feelings if you keep trying to make something work that just isn't viable. All it will lead to is more and more dissatisfaction and more risk that one or both of you will fall into the affair trap.