Coupled? Don't Straggle From Your 'Gaggle'

Coupled? Don't Straggle From Your 'Gaggle' [EXPERT]
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5 tips to maintain your friends ... because coupled women need 'gaggles' too!

The Gaggle: How The Guys You Know Will Help You Find The Love You Want is the latest relationship advice book occupying single ladies' nightstands. Written by Jessica Massa, the how-to guide is based on the premise that the group of men in your life, many of whom you aren't romantically involved with, play different roles, fulfill different needs and help you figure out what kind of relationship you ultimately want. How We Redefined Modern Dating At "The Gaggle" Book Party!

I'm a big fan of the concept; all of those seemingly ambiguous friendships with the opposite sex can now be neatly categorized. However, what application does the gaggle have to someone in a committed relationship? Can the gaggle of men you surround yourself with exist even after you've traded cocktails and clubs for movie nights with your significant other?

The answer is a resounding yes! Massa is onto something. The people we surround ourselves with can teach us about our likes and dislikes, goals and needs. How Each "Gaggle" Guy Can Lead You To The Love Of Your Life

Once you're married or have settled into a long-term relationship with the guy who is "the one," the entire gaggle doesn't need to be retired. Those who are genuine friends can still provide special insights, an occasional ego boost, a laugh or reassurance that the relationship you are in is right for you. Here are five guidelines to maintain your gaggle now that you've committed:

1. Pare down your gaggle. It goes without saying that the ex-boyfriend who is still around, the hot sex prospect and the guy who just blew you off need to go. Rid your gaggle of the men who are there for the wrong reasons and make an effort to keep the friend from work who makes Mondays manageable and the guy friend you've known since childhood who's always been there for you. Redefining Your Relationships

2. Introduce your gaggle to your significant other. If you're going to keep your male friends and maintain a healthy, happy relationship, it's best to introduce all the men in your life. If you're in a secure relationship, your man won't mind that you have male friends, and he'll feel more comfortable once he knows them. And who knows, your boyfriend or husband may end up hitting it off with your long-term ego-boosting buddy.

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