What's Your Intention?


The New Year is here and there is the promise of new possibilities!

Many-Many years ago -in a land- Far- Far away...

I let go of the habit of making new years resolutions.
I loved looking ahead to the new year and got jazzed about the new possibilities I could see.

New Years resolutions seemed to me, to be more about changing something I didn’t like rather then aiming for what I really wanted.

Focusing on what I didn't like left me feeling bad, especially if I didn’t follow through. There was also a lack of inspiration to carry me through the challenges that always come when taking on something new.

10 years ago I replaced the resolution habit with a much more fun and fulfilling habit, which is to create a vision for the year ahead.

A few years ago I added a new element to my visioning process which has been life altering.

Next week I will dive into and look at the elements that are a part of a New Years vision which include:

  • The experiences you want to have
  • The accomplishments you want to achieve
  • The new habits you want to begin
  • The people you want to partner with
  • The places you want to go

To prepare for that I recommend you first start with a
New Years Intention!

An intention has a quality and purpose all its own. An intention is a statement that comes from the heart and can be your north star no matter what circumstances you encounter.

An intention sets the stage, is the foundation, makes the rest of the visioning process flow.

An Intention is one of the most important aspects in communicating in relationships as well. What we say or how we behave is important of course, but the intention behind our words or actions is what we transmit and what others feel.

The good news about this is we can choose our intention, be it for an important but risky conversation, or for a whole year that we want to infuse with joy and success.

Here are some examples of loving intentions that work well when applied to a challenging relationship conversation.

1. Honor your values
2. Be respectful of yourself and the other
3. Be mindful your highest self
4. Keep breathing
5. Hold it lightly

You can set an intention for the upcoming year much the same way.                                
Here are a few examples of yearlong intentions that have worked for me and some of my coaching circle members.

  • The Year of No Fear
  • Listen to my own Wisdom
  • Feel Happy and Peaceful within myself
  • 100% consciousness with my finances
  • Stand Tall in my Truth
  • Be true to myself in relationships

Setting an intention sets the stage for your goals and the other elements of a fabulous vision. Don’t miss this fun and important step.

This week take some time to look at the Intention you would like to set to insure this year is one of the best.

Think about how you want the year to be.
How YOU want to be.

If you need some guidance in setting your New Year Intention take note of my special offer this month.

Happy New Years Intention!