What's Your Story?



If you were to visit my web site right now: www.relationshipcoaching.com
You would see this question is an integral part of my brand.

It is a question that could take you down many paths.
It could mean your-victim story. The story you tell yourself and others about why you didn't have-don't have-can't have-won't have good stuff.

This Story could be titled:
Life Sucks and then you die.

It could be a question that has you looking at your current circumstance to see what is important to you and what you would want to tell others.

Living my life on purpose

Then again is could be a question that takes you into the future where you imagine how you want your life to turn out.

Possible titles of that story could be:

Happily Ever After

The Hero's Journey

From Tragedy to Triumph

Whichever path you choose the truth is that we all think about ourselves and the life we are living in story book form.

We have a narrative that we make up that ties together the events, experiences, feelings and thoughts and makes sense of them.

We often share this narrative with others. Others tell us their take on our story at times.

The key to making this natural storytelling work for us is to intentionally choose which path we want to go down as we make it up. Choose which story will be the most inspiring. The story that will be fun and fulfilling. The story that will keep us in the flow.

It is equally important to be mindful of the stories we hear from others. The ones about us. The ones they tell us about themselves.

Set an external boundary that will not allow in another's negative story about you. Only what feels true to you.

I am not suggesting you block out meaningful feedback. Not at all. Knowing the impact we have on the people in our lives is important.

Simply take it in and incorporate this new learning into a positive story of your own making.

Set an internal boundary as well. A boundary to any thinking you might have about your own story being less than. A boundary to any thinking you have about your story being more than.

Focus on integrating what is happening to you into a story that is- as Goldilocks discovered-JUST RIGHT!

When we put our life's experiences into a story that feels right-good-true. We feel a yummy combination of personal power and peace.

I encourage you to play with YOUR Story this week!

What is the title. What is the theme. What makes it right for you?

If you would like to hear about a life changing experience that I have made into my own powerful story of peace follow this link.

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