What Does "Truth" Really Mean?


This concept first was presented to me by my first true love. I remember the moment clearly, though I have to admit, it happened nearly 40 years ago!

I was sitting on the stairs of the art museum waiting for my art class to begin. His name was Dennis and I had certainly noticed him before this moment. His good looks and confident swag were hard to miss. I had not, however, considered him as a possible love match - until that moment.

"What is truth?" he asked, as a challenge to the group sitting there. I remember how excited I was to enter into the conversation. I had no idea, really, what he was referring to, but I knew that it was a subject I cared deeply about.

It lead to my falling in love with the lout - and to having my heart broken into many pieces. Long after the heart-break, though, I continued to pursue this question.

I want to be clear here that the  TRUTH  I began exploring that day was not the opposite of a lie.

Telling the literal truth is a good quality to have; unfortunately, this was not a quality possessed by Dennis, nor is it at the heart of the kind of  TRUTH  I am referring to.

This  TRUTH  has more to do with an inner knowing, one that bypasses the limits of the ego an d mind. A TRUTH that, whe n KNOWN, spurs one into action. A truth - when sold out on - usually leads a person down a path of unhappiness.  

I have chosen both ways more times than I care to note!

My next memory of TRUTH playing a major role in my life came when I was facing a challenge in my mid-thirties. I had a good job, and much of what was a great life, yet I was not happy. I found myself wondering, "What am I doing with my life?"

I was LUCKY enough to have a good friend who was willing to look at that question with me. We created a HABIT of walking several times a week, in pursuit of an answer.

We would start out at one of our houses and walk for an hour or more. We would walk in pursuit of some higher TRUTH that always came to us.

There was a statue of Martin Luther we passed on our walk. On the statue was engraved the quote "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." It inspired us each time to keep going in our conversation until we hit upon a heart-felt TRUTH.

The indication of having coming to a TRUTH was something we both felt clearly. We could never make up what it was going to be. It did not come all neatly, tied up in a bow with 'How To' instructions, either.

In the decades since I fell in love with this concept and began walking it into the world, I have come to know the feeling of TRUTH very well. I also know when I haven't reached it and have learned to be patient, or at least to have a sense of humor about it.

I am going to leave you with some questions below - I hope you will ponder these this week.

What does knowing a truth feel like to you?
How do you know when you are fudging the truth in your own mind?
What are the indicators that someone else is not being true of heart?

Most of all, I encourage you to notice those moments when the TRUTH really does set you free!