What is important to YOU?


Here is my question of the week:

Are you ready?

First I want you to think about an area of your life that is important to you AND an area you really want to make a change in.

1.When something is important to us, that is an indication that it is something we love!

2.When something is important to us, that's where our highest values live.

3.When something is important to us, that's where we need to focus to have power and influence in that particular area.

It really helps to see what is true, even if you don't like it!

Last week I walked you through the Vision Wheel process to help you see what was most important to you. I received many positive responses from that message.

Many of you were able to see clearly what had previously been hidden from view.

If you did not happen to open my message last week I will be happy to resend the Vision Wheel to you or anyone you think would enjoy it.

Now back to the question at hand.

When looking at this important area where you want to make a change:

What is it you don’t like?

What do you not like about what is present in that area right now?

What do you not like about what you might have to do to change it?

Take some time - maybe all week - to contemplate this question.

Allow the truth to be revealed without judgment.

This is essential information that will point you in the direction of inspiring and specific goals for this year. After you identify what you don't like, take a moment to see what insights come bubbling up.

With Acceptance Comes Wisdom

Here's an example:
Lets say an area of importance to you is your romantic relationships.

You don't like being alone. You don't like arguing with your honey. You don't like all the effort it takes to find a relationship that works for you (or be in a relationship that doesn't). Perhaps you don't like how you feel about yourself.

Take plenty of time to look at the things you don't like and simply accept what is true for you. Don't jump to conclusions or judgements. Don't change anything. Just notice what's true for you right now.

Let me know what you find out!