Stay Home!


What I learned on my summer vacation...

Summer is just blooming, I know, and the headline above may have some of you thinking of fall and going back to school.

Those years are long gone for me and instead I find myself going back to work with a fresh perspective and a lingering glow from my vacation last week.

I had a lot of adventures during this week and they were not the kind that involved foreign or domestic travel. There was no lazing around on the beach of a distant land. As a matter of fact one of the elements that made this vacation special for me was my choice to STAY HOME.

A few years ago when the economy tanked here in the US, the term 'stay-cation' was born, referring to those who couldn't afford to travel so they did vacation-like things close to home.

My choice to stay home was not fueled by the economy. I made this choice because I found I missed being home. I was not aware of this hole in the fabric of my life, because I AM home most of the time.

My office is in my home so I sometimes do not leave my property for days at a time. What I noticed was that while I was physically in my home a lot, I was not at HOME in the truest sense of the word to me.

They say HOME is where the heart is and I believe that to be true. In order to have our heart engaged, we need to pay attention and to care for our surroundings and our things. Care for the place and the people who are in our most intimate environment: HOME.

So for my summer vacation I stayed HOME. I gave myself a luxurious experience that was more satisfying to me than in any five-star hotel.

I took stock of what I had right here at HOME!

I cleaned out my back patio and sold the furniture that I had lugged with me when I moved a year ago, even though I was tired of it, even then. I filled the space with furniture and plants that nourish me. I then invited friends to celebrate the transformation with me.

I cleaned out my clothes closet so I can now see my favorite pieces of clothing, which makes dressing an easy delightful process.

Once that was done I really got cooking. I cleaned out my CD collection and found some precious old gems of music that I hadn't even known I was missing.

I moved furniture around while dancing to some old familiar tunes and transformed many of my living spaces.

I loved up my HOME on my vacation.

In return - now that I am returning to work right here in my HOME - I feel not only internally refreshed, I feel more at home in all areas of my life than I have ever felt.

I encourage you to take some time this summer to BE HOME. Spend some time cleaning out spaces that have become clogged, if needed. Enjoy the places and people who give you the most nourishment.