Memory Lane

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Memorial Day is traditionally a day to honor those who gave their lives in service of our country. This is not something I was bound to forget living in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, as I did for most of my adult life.

In Gettysburg we pulled out all the stops to make this holiday a special occasion. There was a parade through the middle of town on Saturday which included folks dressed in Civil War costume, local dignitaries, and - my favorite part - all the children in town walking with their teachers to the cemetery to place their hand-picked bouquets.

Though the occasion was intended to be one of remembrance of those who have passed on, what actually made it special for me was the experience of those still walking the planet.

Isn't that was memorials actually are? We honor people who are no longer with us, of course. But if you think about it, those honorable men and women most likely don't care too much about all the pomp and circumstance, or the tears of sorrow, or the accolades.

Memorials are for us. The people who are here right now. The very best we can offer those who have served us in any way is to take a walk down memory lane and remember the good, so we can keep up the good work.

I remember my own mother's funeral even though, or maybe because, I was 12 years young. My fondest memory of that day was sharing laughter with my brood of cousins. I know we were releasing some tension with our laughter but for me it was a wonderful reminder that life goes on and that I was not alone.

Many other memories come flooding back to me as I open the gate of Memorial Day celebrations.

Memories of those I would like to honor for what they gave me during our time together.
Memories that fill me with gratitude and hope.
Memories that remind me to lighten up a little and enjoy the moment.

While my memories include people whom I can talk to only in my dreams, some of those memories are for those who are still alive to receive my appreciation. A few that come to mind:

Memories of Lloyd and Kathleen's annual Memorial Day party, which I attended for 20 some years with my kids in tow. Good Times!
Memories of my dear friend, Corinne, with whom I have shared my deepest hopes and fears - Happy Birthday, Corinne!
Memories of my husband, Curtis, and I having one of our big conversations last year on Memorial Day. Love You!

On this Memorial Day Weekend I suggest you take some time to walk down memory lane yourself. Who are the people that have been there for you whom you would like to honor? What are the experiences that have made your life what it is today?

Send some love up above for those who are gone. Send some love also to remind those who are still here that you remember the gift they have been, and are right now, to you.