13 Lucky Love Lessons For St. Patrick's Day

st. patrick's day
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Create your own good luck on St. Patrick's Day!

I have to admit, given the popularity of last week's message on the power of habits, I am noticing a habit I have. I have the habit of celebrating holidays, no matter what they are! Any excuse for a celebration works for me. Today's Holiday — St. Patrick's Day — much like most holidays, is one that has evolved over the years, to say the least. From a Religious observance to a green beer and shamrocks kind of day. Here in Ventura there is even a parade! Contest: You Can Get Lucky Even After St. Patrick's Day!

I personally have no particular affinity for this holiday, except for a very good feeling I get thinking about Luck. All of my life, people have told me that I am lucky. This amuses me as I have had many circumstances that would seem to be anything but. What I believe they are talking about is my ability to be happy no matter what circumstance I am facing. Just Broke Up? How To Regain A Sense Of Self

Some think this happiness is just random. What I know though, is that I have created my own happiness and my own good luck. This kind of luck comes from my habit of facing the truth and having faith that I will find my way through the challenges. The other habit that helps with this is using any old excuse to celebrate with those I love, even a holiday that includes dressing in green and saying "Top of the Morn" will do. 7 Ways To Keep Your Love Alive

Below are some of the ways of thinking and behaving that have helped me create a lucky life for myself!

Kat's Lucky 13 List

1. You can be only as happy with another person as you can be with yourself.

2. When you create positive energy in your relationship, problems either disappear or point in a direction that you can face together.

3. What blocks your self-expression has a common thread — a fear of being judged, criticized, misunderstood, or rejected by others.

4. Whether it is resentment towards others or resentment of your circumstances, resentment blocks your natural flow of energy.

5. Self Care is time spent nurturing the spirit in ways that have nothing to do with obligation or responsibility to others.

6. An intention is a way of organizing your mind in service of creating a particular experience. A loving intention goes a long way!

7. Until you can learn how to give to yourself and feel worthy enough to receive, giving to others is just an act of people-pleasing.

8. When you focus on what you have, you will find you automatically open your mind to new possibilities.

9. Where you get the most joy and fulfillment in your life is in your relationships — yet you usually leave your learning in that area up to chance.

10. Romance can be present in any relationship including the one you have with yourself.

11. Elements that I find romantic are: showing appreciation, enjoying simple pleasures and being vulnerable with your deepest feelings.

12. Self Love is a big concept. Start with something easy. Say something nice to yourself, about yourself!

13. Think of someone who makes you laugh and give them a call. Tell them you are lucky to have them in your life!

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