Look Before You Leap!


Look Before You Leap!

Today's subject is a little odd for me. I am usually the one cheering people on to take the LEAP into new and uncharted territory.

In my work as a life coach, this is one of my favorite experiences to have with my clients. To encourage them to take risks and to do the things they are longing to do but have been afraid of attempting.

Sometimes we need to LEAP into these things whole-heartedly and then find our way once we have arrived.

One of my favorite books written by Gay Hendricks is The Big Leap. In this wonderful book, Gay writes of finding our genius zone and taking the leap to live there all the time.

So what is the paradox? I am teaching a prosperity class called The 4Ts and in the workbook the author, Stretton Smith, notes the importance of checking out a few things before LEAPing toward a dream.

His list:
Is it legal? Is it honest? Will it cause harm?
Is it emotionally appropriate for me?
Can I accept the responsibility for this good?
What do I need to release in order to make room for this good?
Number one - at first makes me laugh. Good to know though!
Aside from the matter of legalities we can fool ourselves into being just a little bit dishonest with another or ourselves in pursuit of a dream.

A LEAP with that in the way is bound to have a rocky landing.

Number two - now this is a big one in my book. Much of the work I do with people who are pursuing a romantic dream is spent in this area. LEAPing into this territory without first being emotionally ready will lead to bruises and breaks of the heart, for your and others.

Number three - certainly notes that attention is needed. The statistics on people who win the lottery and then blow all the dough comes to mind. Any kind of wonderful life includes high levels of responsibility. The good news here is that when you are willing to accept responsibility for a heart-felt dream, the universe is right there to support you.

Number four - this is often the hardest aspect of creating a dream life.

There is always something that needs to be released!

Limited beliefs and fear. Old stuff that is cluttering up your space. Relationships that have run their course. Just to name a few of the biggies!

There is one more thing I would add to the Look Before You Leap checklist.

Does this dream align with your personal and relationship values?

I have personally made a number of LEAPs that were more about what I thought I should want, or what would look good to others, or would be 'the right thing to do'. I have also made LEAPs from fear, when I wanted to escape a seemingly fulfilling situation.

Any LEAP that is not aligned with your values will most likely take you out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I do encourage you to take risks, go for the gold, LEAP into your destiny!

Give the Look Before You Leap checklist a once-over, though, before you leap, to ensure a Happy Landing and a dream well on its way to your most fulfilling life.