Allow Yourself To Let Go For Good


If you let go a little you will have a little happiness.

If you let go a lot you will have a lot of happiness.

If you let go completly you will be free. - Ajan Chah


This Month we are exploring the subject of LOVE. Big subject wouldn't you say!

Last week we began looking at the two most important steps we need to take to open our heart to others and to ourselves.

That is how love actually works. We open our hearts and we feel love. The most powerful feeling of all.

Last week the step was acceptance. This week the second step in the process is to let go.

What do I mean by that you might be asking.

Let Go of negative thinking, feelings and behaviors.

Negative behavior such as- I want to be in control here so I will submit or dominiate in this relationship.
Negative thinking such as- I am right and you are wrong.
Negative feelings such as-powerless.
Negativity is easy to spot if you pay attention to how you feel.

Simple yet Challenging.

This is why acceptance came first!

If you can accept what is-tune into how you are feeling-identify when the feeling is BAD-you are on the path of letting go.

How do you let go?

Take ownership of you own negativity.
Know what you are in need of letting go of.
Ask yourself if you are willing to let go now.
If not ask what small piece of this you would be willing to let go of.

The last part of this exercise requires you to know that you have a " higher self". An aspect of you that is loving and wise. We all have this.

Play around with the concept if it is new to you. Play around with this concept full stop. The more you play with it the easier it will be!

The last step is to let go and step into your higher selfs shoes.
Once you do this ask yourself a question such as-"whats the true story here?"
Notice how you feel now.

Did you let to a little-a lot-completly? Are you willing to take this on as a daily habit? If so ask yourself this question every day. What do I need to let go of today? Simple-Challenging-Rewarding!

If you do I promise you you will feel more self love and love for the important people in your life.

If you would like to HEAR this message and be taken through a guided meditation of the exercise follow this link.

LETTING GO Sermon at Unity