Just Keep Going!


Last Spring I had the fulfilling experience of picking up my new car from the dealership. Part of the experience was how thrilled I was with how my car looked and drove and well, everything about it!

This was particularly happy-making for me as I had spent over a year working on my car-buying project.

Once I had identified the car I wanted, I discovered none were available on any lot in all of Southern California. It was a brand new model and had to be special ordered.

The great part of that was how much fun I had choosing the options. The color of the exterior, the color of the mirrors, the color of the roof. The inside material, the yummy options such as GPS and an internal computer system.

I agonized over these choices as well as enjoyed the process. The agony came from one thought.

What if I got it wrong!

I had never made such a large purchase without seeing my options up close and personal.

Something in me knew that what I was doing was right for me. So I just kept going. I made each choice and then played with other options, in case I had missed something.

I went on-line to see what others were thinking about their choices. Did someone else like the color combo I had chosen? Was there a nasty report out there from someone who had already experienced the computer system that I was considering, and had found it lame?

I hit many a doubt-filled wall. What if I get it wrong? Then the voice inside would say: Just keep going.

When the big day arrived and I went to pick up my new car there were still challenges to face. The financing I had counted on fell through. I had to make even more choices about how to finance the car and what kind of warranty options to choose, on the spot!

I have to admit I was tempted at this point to break down and cry. But there in the car lot sat a car that was exactly right. I had made all the right choices. I loved everything about it. The voice had been right.

So I sucked it up and called on my courage. Well, I probably blubbered a little bit to the saleswomen, to be honest. Then I once again tuned into that wonderful inner voice. Just keep going, it said again.

Pretty soon I was on my way home in my beautiful new Surf Blue Mini Countryman. Zipping down the highway and into my own driveway feeling like a million bucks.

Some friends were waiting for me and cheering me on as I drove down my street. They hopped in and I took them for a joy drive. I was on such a high that I found myself wondering just how to take in such an accomplishment.

I turned to one of my friends in the back seat and told her my feelings. I kid you not. The words out of her mouth made me laugh right out loud.

Just keep going, Kat, she said.

I encourage you to remember that when you have hit a wall or reached a destination. Take a break perhaps, and let go of any tension or fear. Then see where your spirit naturally wants you to go next.