Just For Fun!


Just For Fun!

When I first started out as a Life Coach I was looking at possible niches for myself. One day I was listening to a talk radio show with a few of my favorite commentators discussing the issues of the day.

The conversation turned to their personal lives and the subject of FUN came up. One of them said, "Fun? What's that? Having fun does not come easily to me." As I listened, I was stunned. Really? Could having fun actually be a challenge for some people? Then the whole group chimed in, stepping all over each other to get their own personal hardship story in on this subject.

After switching off the show and going back to the task at hand, I had an 'A-ha!' moment. Maybe helping people to have FUN could be my niche. I knew how to have fun. I had a high value for fun. Maybe I could promote myself in the market place as a guide for people, like those I had just heard - people who didn't know how to have fun, people who wanted to have more fun in their lives.

Boy, was I in for an education in the fun department. Not only were people not willing to put their time and money towards the pursuit of a fun-filled life, it was actually one of the most challenging areas to help people with! I discovered that there is some kind of taboo in our culture that blocks people from their own natural ability to have fun.

I realized we have 'Fun Blocks.' Sun Blocks protect us from harmful rays. 'Fun Blocks' protect us from fully enjoying our lives.

The blocks to fun seem to be multi-faceted and can get us coming and going.

One Fun Block ----- thinking that we must always be accomplishing something. This block is very pervasive even with seemingly playful pursuits.

It intrudes on fun activities like sports or other games.
It intrudes on physical activities like exercise.
It intrudes on our adult relationships.

Then there is the ----- "I am getting paid for this so I better take is seriously" block. Much of what we do during our work week could be, and probably is, fun on some level, but our Fun Block keeps us from playing full out. Instead we play it safe, which is never any fun!

Finally there is the ----- "I need to chill out" block. Yes, you read that right. There is a sneaky Fun Block that tells us we need to veg out instead of simply tuning into our heart to see what would really be fun and relaxing.

Television, alcohol, online games, Internet surfing, even such seemingly social activities such as Facebooking and texting can be Fun Blocks. Don't get me wrong. I have fun letting go of the days cares and enjoying some of those activies.

Its just that even some of my most fun-filled activities, like reading or shopping, can be blocks if I aim for tuning out instead of rejuvenation. These are just a few ways we block having the fun that is possible during our unscheduled time.

When was the last time you did something just for fun? What would you have to do to get past all the blocks and take this on as your intention this week?

As you head into your weekend activities, as you begin your work week, as you settle in for the night, ask yourself this question: What would I most want to do right now, just for fun!