Dads Are Different


Whenever Fathers Day rolls around I find myself feeling a bit irritated. Don't get me wrong I have HUGE gratitude for all the dads in my life. I have had some of the best. Including my own father and grandfather. I am Especially grateful to the men who have been the fathers to my children.

You are The Best. Thanks Guys!

My irritation stems from Fathers Day looking a lot like a Second Hand Mothers Day. It has always seemed to me like something that someone made up because we have a special day for Mothers.

As far as I can tell there is very little thought as to what fathers might actually want as a way of honoring them properly.

I find this to be a phenomena in areas far and wide. We make assumptions about men and women being the same in ways that they just aren't.

Men and Women are not the same so it would follow that Fathers are different than Mothers!

When Mothers Day is approaching my husband and daughter always ask me what I want. My response varies from year to year but it is usually some kind of pampering, like the one I had this year where my daughter and I spent a whole day together having our nails done, shopping and enjoying each others company.

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