Feel More In Love Than Ever Before!


"All you need is love..."

All you Need is LOVE-la la la la la
A familiar tune to most of us.
A fundamental truth in my book.

In order to be IN LOVE we need to keep our hearts open to ourselves and others.

No matter what your current romantic circumstances are in life, it is good to be IN LOVE as much as possible.

IN LOVE with your work, family, home, nature, car, friends and most imortantly with yourself!

There is no one way to bring this about, but there are ways we block the natural flow of love that we are capable of feeling and acting on in each and every moment. Luckily there are ways to unblock as well!

The two biggest blocks are:

Not Accepting what is.
Holding on to negative thoughts and feelings.

We humans are funny creatures aren't we?

In my work as a life and relationship coach this is the first thing I do with my clients. Look at what they have-accept what they have so they can appreciate the good-let go of what isn't working and make inspiring choices for their future.

Today I am going to address Acceptance and next week give you some tips on letting go so you can be IN LOVE more often by months end.

To describe what acceptance I need to name a few things it is not.

Don't like

I could go on, and Reverend Cathy did go on in a fun and enlightning way as she added a few more elements to the list in the Sermon we did together this past Sunday. Click here to listen.

Acceptance is a mind set and it takes effort. Accepting others and ourselves just as we are.

The benefits that come when we accept are well worth the effort!

Accepting ourselves just as we are frees us up to see new possibilities.

Accepting others as they are gives us a peace and offers us positive choices.

I encourage you to take this simple yet not easy assignment on for the following week.

Once a day take a minute and check in with your heart. Accept yourself just as you are. Roam through the important relationships in your life. Accept the people just as they are. Look at your current circumstances, accept them just as they are. For extra credit add in some appreciation for yourself and others! This only takes a few minutes each day and I promise you it will leave you feeling lighter and more connected and IN LOVE than ever before.