Attention Women: Why A Good Lover Will Finish Last


Why the best lover for you will listen with his ears and his hands, as well as his heart.

My intention here is to give you something that makes sense for you, that helps you understand some things you may not have understood before, and that as result, helps your relationship and love-making become more exciting, fun, and lasting.

Men are driven visually more than women, not that women aren't driven my visual cues as well, but your drive has an emotional component to it that arrives later for men.  Men are also sexually aroused more quickly than women, and unless they are good at controlling their arousal, they can reach orgasm long before you, and some may even think that that is the end of the sex or love-making session.  If that is your experience, you have likely felt some degree of frustration if not anger, even resentment.  That is clearly a breakup waiting to happen.  So how can you help your man be the lover that is right for you, and what kind of lover is the right one for you?

You are unique in every way, and your body responds in ways unique to you.  When you make love with your man, it is helpful to give him cues that are clear to him and will lead him in the direction that is right for you.  You can do this with your body, with sounds, and with words.  The best signals are positive ones, with positive energy behind them.  What I mean is, rather than saying, "Don't do that," tell him what you do want him to do.  When he does something that feels wonderful, tell him, "I love it when you do that," and also use your body to send signals of pleasure.  When he touches you in a way that feels wonderful, move your body to greet him.  Let him feel your body's positive response.  If he is a good lover, he will listen and fill follow what he learns from your signals.

A sensitive lover, one who is listening with his hands as well as his ears, will follow what you and your body are telling him.  You deserve to have a lover who is sensitive to your needs and wants and desires and who makes sure you feel his love for you through how he loves you.  A good and senstive lover will follow your body's messages and will find each and every place your body loves to be touched, caressed, kissed, and more.  And a good and senstive lover will also respect and honor when you or your body says, "not there," or "no."

A really good lover for you is one who listens and is also unselfish.  This lover will learn each and every inch of your body and all the places you love to be touched, and he will also make certain that you are completely and utterly satisfied berfore he is.  For some men, all they are really thinking about is their own pleasure, and if you get what you want in the process, then that's a bonus, but the great lover will make sure that you are completely satisified and will take full responsiblilty for his own satisfaction.  The most healthy relationship is one based on mutual respect and responsibility. It takes two to Tango, and communication is key.

Now, the best lover is one who listens not only with his hands and ears, but also with his heart.  He will learn every inch of your body's most sensitive areas and will get and give great pleasure by touching and kissing every one of them in all the ways you love.  He will learn and remember the places and things you love the most, and he will also explore to find new places and sensations, to give you even greater pleasure. He will keep it exciting and new while also making sure he is honoring and respecting you all the while.  He will listen to your every sound and word, even the sound of your breathing; he will feel and respond to your body's every move in the ways that you love, and he will follow all that your body is telling him so that you have the most wonderfully exciting, pleasurable, and explosive orgasms.  And only after you have reached at least one delicious orgam will he think about is own.  In that way, he will "finish last," but you both win!

Because he is also listening with his heart, he will hold you close and tight, firmly yet gently in his arms, telling you how special you are to him and how much he loves you.  The best lover for you is the one who excites you, who makes your heart swell with love, who honors and respects you, and who helps you feel beautiful, loved, and safe.