Single Women, Beware! 10 Dating Traps You Should Avoid

dating traps single women should avoid

These red flags are based on true stories!

Trap #8: He's waiting for his inheritance.

You're having a nice dialogue with a man. He’s single, good-looking and personable. You tell him that you're in sales and inquire as to what he does for a living. He tells you that he works for his father. He proceeds to add, "I'm going to inherit a lot of money when he dies, and he's pretty old." Lesson learned: Don't date someone who has no loyalty.

Trap #9: His lies are revealed on the web.

A confident guy approaches your table. He sits and easily chats with your group of friends. He tells you that he's got a very cool job as an engineer with oil rigs and he used to be a professional baseball player. The girls are all impressed and he asks for your number to meet up later for a drink. You exchange information and he leaves. Your friend decides to Google his name and the first article that appears is a photo of his wife and two kids. Lesson learned: A coyote should cover his tracks.

Trap #10: He slept with every single woman in the neighborhood.

You're flattered when a sexy man begins to hit on you. He tells you he's attracted to your eyes and asks why he hasn't seen you out at the bars before. After you play a little game of "who you know geography," you realize he's the guy that went out with one of your friends and cheated on her with another. Lesson learned: A leopard doesn't change his spots.

Remember there are no hunting rules and regulations that men have to follow. If you’re an innocent lamb, it's up to you to be prepared and on the lookout for the men who walk around in sheep's clothing.

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