Do You Have A Grand Canyon Gap In Your Life?


4 steps on how to cross a chasm in your life to get to where you really want.

I recently had the privilege of spending a few days at the Grand Canyon. The beauty and grandeur of the place is awe-inspiring. It is simply just so big! I could spend days peering out over the canyon and never get bored with the view. As I was walking one morning with my family along the rim I found myself staring across to the other side of the canyon.

It seemed so far away. Looking down into the canyon at the 5000 feet drop to the Colorado River and the sheer cliffs along the way I started to wonder. What did the first people who made the trek down and across think?

Staring at the cliffs did it seem impossible? That there was simply no way to make it down into the canyon and safely out the other side. Did they focus on the obstacles and what was going to stop them from doing it? I am sure there were many who peered at the canyon and moved on believing it to be impossible.

Then there where the one's who stayed. The one's who knew they could find a way through. Despite the cliffs, the heat, and the long distance. They knew they could make it across this huge gap. Eventually someone did. And now each year thousands of people make the trek across the once impossible canyon.

The truth is, finding the way across the canyon for the first time is similar to finding our way across the many gaps we happen across in our own lives. 

  • The unhappy corporate employee who dreams of quitting their job to start a business.
  • The working mom who dreams of creating a life and work that allows less stress and more time with her kids.
  • The stay-at-home mom who wants to find more time to pursue her personal dreams and goals.
  • The new mom trying to figure out how to survive on no sleep.
  • The transition into being a single mom after divorce.

There are endless gaps we come across in our lives. The distance to the other side can seem as huge and daunting as the Grand Canyon.

Here are 4 steps we can take when we find ourselves staring into a big abyss in our lives wondering how can we make it across to the other side.

  1. Believe It Is Possible

The first step is to believe you can do it. You can cross the gap. The first person to cross the Grand Canyon believed it was possible or they would never have tried. That is the same for any gap in our own life.

If we don't believe we can do it, we stay planted firmly at the top of the canyon just dreaming about the possibilities on the other side. If we believe we can, we will soon find ourselves crossing the Colorado River and making our way back up the other side.

  1. Take The First Step

The person that crossed the Grand Canyon most likely did not see every step they had to take to make it to the other side. They started with their first step, then another and another. Soon they added up and they became the first person to hike down into the Grand Canyon.

The same goes with any gap in our lives. It starts with the first step. We may not yet see a clear path but it will be revealed to us as we move forward.

  1. You May Have To Go Down To Get Back Up

As the first person stared across the Grand Canyon they knew to get across this amazing gap they had to go down before they could start going up the other side. There would be some challenges along the way.

This is true for many gaps we try to cross in our lives. To get to the other side we have to go down for a while. That might be leaving a job or relationship behind. Tightening our budget as we launch a business.  Choosing to make a change in our life so we can move toward to where we ultimately want to be.

  1. Keep Gazing Across

Attempting to cross the Grand Canyon from rim-to-rim can take a while. At times it may feel a slow and exhausting process. We have to keep gazing across to the other side reminding ourselves where we dream of ending up.

We have to keep our eyes on the prize to stay inspired and motivated as we make the journey, while at the same time enjoying the process along the way, which is, where life happens.

What's a Grand Canyon in your life you dream of going across?

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