How To Find The Courage To Achieve Your Dreams And Goals


Do you question whether you have courage? Discover 3 steps to living a courageous life.

It's ski season where I live and my 5-year old daughter has strapped on her skis for the first time. She bravely stands at the top of the ski hill, takes a breath with apprehension in her little eyes and starts to ski down the hill. She falls over a few times. Then gets back up and tries again. Eventually she is able to ski without falling over down the kiddie slope.

Watching her do this has got me thinking a lot about courage. In particular, what is courage and do we all have it?

  • Is courage about skiing down a hill for the first time?
  • Is courage about climbing a mountain where you know that one wrong step could mean certain death?
  • Is courage about tracking a 3000lb wild rhino on foot in the African Savanna when your guide says, "if the Rhino starts to charge at you run and climb the nearest tree." Then you look around and see not a single tree in site but you keep following the Rhino anyway.

These are all things I have done that required a lot of courage. However, what I have realized over the years is that courage is so much more than charging after a rhino. It is not what truly reflects the deepest human spirit. Real courage happens in our daily lives. What we face and overcome each and every day. The thing is that We often don't recognize these things as courage.

I know many women and moms who are looking to make changes in their lives. They want to take the leap out of their jobs into their own business. What they most often say is that they just need more courage. What we don't often realize is how courageous we are already living our daily lives. If you ever question how courageous you are, check and see if you have found yourself in any of the below situations. If you answered yes than you have demonstrated courage on the deepest level. 

Consider yourself courageous if you:

  • Became a mom. Really, is there much more to say?. Choosing to be responsible for another little human takes immense courage. Especially as our own life and heart will always be intertwined with theirs no matter what.
  • Cared for your child with their first 103-degree temperature, outwardly holding it together for them while inside you are terrified and praying it doesn't go any higher.
  • Wake up and go to work everyday to ensure the financial security for your family.
  • Made the decision to put your career on hold so you could spend more time with your kids because that was the best decision for your family.
  • Got married.
  • Have stood up for someone or something you believe in.
  • Got divorced.
  • Said "no" to someone even though it felt uncomfortable and they didn't like it. 
  • Shared your opinion.

There are so many more examples that I could add to this list. We show true courage each and everyday in our lives. But if you ever find yourself saying "I would do it if only I had more courage", do yourself a favor and take these 3 steps:

Step 1: Remember Your Courage
Create a list of at least 10 situations you have shown courage in your life. I guarantee you have many more than this but 10 is a good place to start.

Step 2: Understand your Courage
Once you have a list, think about the different situations. Ask yourself how you found the courage at that moment to do what needed to happen. This helps to get connected to those qualities of ourselves we often overlook.

Step 3. Transfer Your Courage
Finally for the current situation ask yourself, how can you tap into the courage you have shown in the past? How can you connect with those parts of yourself that are courageous and bring it into the present?

You will always have the courage you need in your life. Often it just takes recognizing that part of us and giving it permission to shine.

Are the ways you show courage in your everyday life that maybe you weren’t aware of? Please share them in the comments below!

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