5 Secrets to Start A Business You Love As A Mom

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5 tips on starting a business that will provide the life and work you love for your family.

Do you dream of starting your own business but just don't know where to start? Maybe you could get started if you just knew what kind of business you wanted to do. Most importantly what kind of business you would be successful at.

Deciding what kind of business to start can keep us stuck forever in that dream stage. Are you ready for 2014 to be the year you move out of the "dream" stage and into the "do" stage of starting a business?

If you answered yes, here are 5 essential tips to launching a business that you love and will enable you to create the life you dream of for you and your family.

#1 Love It

Loving the business you do is one of the most important elements in being successful. A deep underlying passion and sense of purpose for your business will drive you to do what it takes to make your business happen. It is also crucial to feeling a sense of fulfillment along the way.

So ask yourself what would you love to do if nothing stood in your way to make it happen? This will start you on the path to unveiling what type of work and business you will love.

#2 Your Genius

We all have gifts and talents. Often, we may view a gift as an exceptional talent that only a few people are lucky to be born with. This is simply not true. Every single one of us has unique gifts and talent to offer the world. We need to uncover what these are and claim them and share them with the world with confidence.

If you are having trouble identifying what these are a great place to start is with other people. Ask others you trust and have spent time with what they see as your biggest gifts and talents. Alternatively start paying attention to what people seek you out for help with. It is common that others will see gifts in us that we don’t see.

#3 Lifestyle

To build both a business and a life you love, it must be in line with creating the type of lifestyle you would like for you and your family. For instance, if you start a business that requires you to work weekends and takes you away from important time with your family, you will most likely start to resent it, even if you are passionate about it.

The key is getting creative in how you can combine your passions, gifts, and talents into a type of business that will also allow you to create the lifestyle you desire for you and your family.

Start by developing a list of the most important elements of the ideal lifestyle you would like to for your family. Include your income, the hours you work, when you work, the type of flexibility and freedom you want, whether you travel or not, if you want to be able to pick your kids up from school, and where you work from.

#4 What People Want

One of the big concerns when starting out a business is whether our idea is a viable and profitable one. It is a big fear that can stop us in our tracks when launching a business. For good reason too! There is nothing more defeating than working hard on a business only for it to not bring in the income we desire or need.

The first step to take before investing your time and money into your business is to share your idea with people who would fit your idea clientele. Listen to the feedback they give you. What do they like about your idea? What suggestions do they have to make it more appealing? Most importantly find out if they would pay for your service or product.

#5 Bringing It All Together

We now have the 4 ingredients to really tap into the business idea we will love. The final step is to bring them all together into an idea that combines our passion and purpose, our gifts and talents, provides the lifestyle we desire and creates value in other peoples lives. That is what successful business is all about.

Research and brainstorm a list of ideas of the types of business you could do that would meet these key criteria and provide the lifestyle you desire for your family.

Choosing a business idea does not always come easy for everyone and can stop us from ever getting our business dream off the ground.

However if we start by taking these 5 steps eventually we will uncover the business that will work best for our family and provide us with the greatest success both personally and financially.

Why not make 2014 they year you take the leap into creating a business and life you love!

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