4 Steps To Shatter The Working Mom Glass Ceiling


How to breakthrough the working mom glass ceiling to create life and work you love.

In 2007 when I heard the words “Fortunately we don’t legally have to offer you maternity leave” I panicked.

This was my dream position for the next step in my career. My about to be new employer had just said those words to me after I discovered I was pregnant.

I saw a glimpse into my future as a working mom trying to advance her career. My work or my kids.

I was afraid of what I saw.

I knew with every inch of my being I did not want to feel in that position in my life.

I felt like I had hit the working mom glass ceiling even before becoming a mom.

As I shared in Part 1 of this article series “5 Signs You’ve Hit The Working Mom Glass Ceiling” it all ended well.

This experience provided me with the inspiration and courage to take the leap into my own business. Something I had wanted to do for years.

So what do you do if you find yourself pushed up against that working mom glass ceiling? Feeling like you have to choose over your kids or the next step in your career. Knowing something needs to shift or change to feel more fulfilled and happy in your work and life.

Here are 4 steps you can take to shatter the working mom glass ceiling and start creating life and work you love for you and your family.

Step#1 Redefine Success

The first step is to reassess what success means to you now you are a mom. We often find our priorities change as we transition from working woman to working mom. We may try and fit back into the life we had pre-mom and realize that it no longer works for us. We can be left feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed and stressed.

Our definition of success often changes as a mom. The first step before we start pushing at that glass ceiling is to get crystal clear on what success looks like for you now.

How have your priorities changed? In 50 years when you look back on your life what will make it feel the most successful?

It will look different for everyone. When you redefine how success has changed for you it provides the foundation to know exactly the pathway you would like to take as you breakthrough that glass ceiling.

Step#2 Own Your Value

As we transition from working woman to working mom many women experience feeling their value in the workplace has diminished. Now they desire to create more flexibility in their work schedule so they can pick their kids up from school sometimes they are no longer seen as valuable.

Don’t buy into this belief.

Even if you are given these message by being overlooked for a promotion or comments from colleagues know it is simply just that. Their own limiting belief. It does not mean it is the truth.

If you are struggling with this take time to reconnect with your value. The value you have to offer your family, your work, and the world. Remind yourself of your strengths. Own it and believe this as the truth, not what other may try to define it as.

Step #3 Create Your Breakthrough Vision

Once you have redefined success and reconnected with your value you have the foundation to create a vision on how you would like to breakthrough the working mom glass ceiling.

This may look different for each of us.

It may be working out how to move up in our career without having to sacrifice too much of our family. You may decide to make a sideways move in your career to a position that provides greater flexibility to create your own schedule.

It could be choosing to ditch the 9-5 completely and start your own business. Maybe it is switching to part-time work or choosing to stay at home for a while if your financials allow it.

The most important aspect is that this vision is what YOU want that works best for you and your family. Not one you or others think you should create.

Step #4 Shatter The Glass Ceiling

Now you have a vision for how you would like to breakthrough the working mom glass ceiling t it’s time to take action. You are ready to shatter it.

For some of us it may look like one big blow that breaks the ceiling into pieces. This could be quitting our job to launch a business or to stay at home.

However more often it looks more like tapping away at the ceiling until it finally shatters.

Such as continuing to work while we make consistent and small changes in our life towards our bigger vision. Many working moms don’t have the resources to just up and quit their job cold turkey. Others still enjoy their career and want to find a way to make it work.

Whatever the best approach is for you and your family do what you can to start tapping away. Breakdown your vision into smaller less overwhelming steps and take the first one today.

Shattering the working mom glass ceiling isn’t just about your work. It is about the bigger picture of creating a life you love for you and your family.

What does shattering the working mom glass ceiling look like for you? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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