Parents: The True Force Behind Successful Advocacy


As parents, we are in charge of diagnosis and treatment of ADHD through effective advocacy.

Should parents be overruled by teachers and physicians when it comes to our kids' academic achievement and self-esteem? I say no! We know our kids better than anyone, and therefore are in the right and best position to advocate for them.

Many times, a school's driving force represents documenting "bad behavior" and a suggestion of ADHD with follow up physician prescribed stimulants.  Is this their role? I say no. What is our role as a parent? Our role is to insure a proper diagnosis by knowing that a developmental pediatrician, psychologist, or any health professional with expertise in ADHD diagnosis follows protocol.

The lack of information is responsible for the growth of inaccurate and non-existent diagnoses. We can't go backwards in our understanding of the true medical nature of this disorder that needs treatment, whether it be medication, behavior therapy, or both.

Again, it rests with us, the parents. Armed with accurate information, we ultimately have the responsibility to advocate for our children, both in the school and in the physician’s office. Parents need to feel confident about what encompasses this diagnosis of ADHD, the impairments that they see, the needed process to diagnosis accurately, and the needed school support to allow for their child’s success and healthy self-esteem!

Blog post by Karen Lowry, R.N.,M.S.N.,  a Parent2Parent ADHD Family Trainer for CHADD and ADHD Coach, AAC and blogger for JenningsWire.

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