Being Different, Being Gifted


The areas impacting a child as he grows up with ADHD.

As I was going off to school one morning in the third grade, I told my mom and dad that I loved them. I even hugged them! When I came home, I told my mom that I loved her and missed her. My brain let me feel what I feel in my heart and express it.

In third grade, I came home with homework. My mom wanted me to start doing it right after I had a snack. I refused to do it then, stomping my feet and yelling at her that it was hard and I was tired. My brain would not let me listen and obey my mom without getting frustrated and angry.

In fourth grade, I was having so much trouble remembering the math that I had learned in third grade. Of course, I really did not review my math during the summer so it had been a long time since I had done any math. My brain would not let me remember the math I had learned in third grade without making a lot of mistakes.

In fourth grade, I brought home my books to do homework. But I brought home the wrong book and left my notebook with the homework pages that I would have to do in school. My brain did not let me be organized.

In fifth grade, I took a test in science class with the rest of the kids. But, focusing on the test was not as important as focusing on how fast other kids were finishing and if I would be the last one to finish. It was easy to randomly pick answers and move quickly; much easier than concentrating and slowing down. My brain would not let me concentrate and avoid distraction.

In sixth grade, I came into class and felt overwhelmed and confused. I was trying to orient myself to the new subject and get out my papers. As I was doing this, apparently everyone heard the teacher give directions.  When I looked around and noticed kids doing work, I asked the teacher if he could repeat the directions. He said no, that I should have been listening. My brain was having trouble transitioning to a new class and trying to figure out what I needed out on my desk. My brain was not letting me listen to anything other than myself. Keep Reading...