ADHD Absent In France?


Let's not let the French be the spokesmen for correct diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

There seems to always be something out there written by people with an agenda to discredit the medical diagnosis of ADHD and effective treatments. In Psychology Today, I recently read an article, "Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD," by Marilyn Wedge, PhD, a family therapist whose driving force in her business depends on reinforcing techniques that resolve problems in children without medication.

The article talks about the very low percentage of diagnosed ADHD in France (<.5 percent) as compared with those in the U.S. (9 percent). The French’s assumption, apparently is that there is a psychological reason imbedded in the environment that is creating the "distress." If this can be discovered, then therapy can help to dismiss the symptoms. The article goes on to say that the American tendency is to represent ADHD as all biological. As a result, the accusation is that we here in the United States "pathologize" normalcy.

The author speaks about how the French discipline their children differently than we do as well as maintaining structure at an early age. All of this then works against the diagnosis of ADHD. Keep Reading...

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