The Signs Of An Unavailable Man


• Have I missed any? I’d love to hear what else you’ve experienced that should be on this list!

Now, the part that’s about you (we have to cover this part, of course, because it’s the part you have control over, and it’s the part that is creating the rest of it!).

You Attract Who You Are (not who you want!)

There’s a powerful law of the universe (like gravity) that states that “like attracts like”. Don’t take it personally – just like you don’t take gravity personally.

So if you’re attracting men who fit any of those items listed above, what can you learn about yourself? After all, intimate relationships are our most powerful teachers/mirrors!

Check these out, and see if any ring true for you:

• Are you feeling unworthy of someone who is (and is ready for) what you really want?
• Is a part of you not fully available (whether there’s a man you’re still connecting with, you’re over-involved with family members, etc.)?
• Is a part of your life not working, and you’re hoping that you’ll attract a man who will ride into your life and take care of you? (Note: that’s very unlikely to happen, unless you’re okay with being with a controlling man – who, if he’s like that, is probably not very confident…again, possibly a match for your lack of confidence?)
• Do you have a crutch or addiction that is in the way?
• Are you a “Chameleon Woman”, turning yourself into whatever you believe a man wants?

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Don’t forget this powerful advice: be what you seek (as long as you’re being true to yourself and not being “Chameleon Woman”).

In Conclusion

If you know and honor your authentic self, live a life that is aligned with who you really are, and make choices that will make you happy/happier, it’s going to be highly unlikely that you’d keep attracting men who aren’t available. After all, you’re not traveling on the same vibrational level any more!

This article was originally published at The Heart Matters . Reprinted with permission from the author.