Is Your Self-Esteem Costing You A Great Relationship?

Love, Self

So what’s a gal to do?

1) A decision needs to be made that you love and accept yourself as you are, and
2) Any behaviors and habits that are not in alignment with that decision have to be

The Decision

It may sound too simple, but the fact is that you can make up your mind that you are
worthy of love and acceptance, just as you are. It won’t “feel” like the truth, but it is.
Whatever you tell yourself most often is what your mind adopts as true.

The Action

This is where the “rubber meets the road”; you can’t try to plant a new belief that you are worthy of love and acceptance while behaving in ways that are contrary to that. You’ve got to have integrity between what you say, what you think, and what you do in order to move forward, toward feeling good about yourself.

None of us gets where we want to in life alone, right?

Here are some ways you can set up an effective structure of support:

  • ask a good friend to keep you on track (caution: make sure this friend is willing to hold you to your commitments, and won’t soften on you when the going gets tough);
  • find a coach to hold you to your commitments;
  • find a book or course that outlines steps to take, and buddy up with someone to go through it together.

If you want to live a life you love - with people you love, who love you back, then it’s
time for you to make decisions, and create action plans, that will put you on the right
path. You’re worth the effort!