Can you stay in the flow of the moment?


Learning to exhale and be present to what shows up.

It seems like we all know someone, if not ourselves, that is going through a difficult life experience. We want to be supportive and often offer expressions of “it’s all for the best”, “it will get better”…yet we know at some level our words only supply a hollow support to what they are going through and here’s why….
At what level do we believe what we are saying? Do you truly settle into and understand what it means to be in the flow of the moment? Are you a living example of understanding to stay fluid in your own experience? When you live life from a place of presence, fluidity, trusting and acceptance it takes the edge off of the experience. It becomes softer, more gentle in what is occurring. If only we can allow and be at peace with what is occurring.

So let’s try and experiment of sorts! Think of something that is causing you distress currently, a hurt, a fear, a situation that is unsettled. How would it be different for you if you just allowed it to be…that’s right, allowed it to be exactly as it is. Lose the expectation for it to be any different than how it has shown up for you. Love it, love others and yourself through the experience. Notice with this position you are now able to exhale…you don’t expect….you simply and gracefully allow it to be. From here you are supported by others around you, you are supporting and loving of yourself AND you are creative with possibility, joy, love and hope for what is next.

This is living in the present moment.

I invite you to lose expectation and step into what is and notice how full and rich you are with possibility and loss of fear!

This article was originally published at Karen M. Anderson . Reprinted with permission from the author.