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I am a huge proponent of feeling all of your emotions, fully and completely. That’s one of the many

I am a huge proponent of feeling all of your emotions, fully and completely. That’s one of the many joys of being human and female. BUT, there is an overarching emotion that runs your life. Are you positive or negative? Do you notice what’s good in your life, or do you put your emphasis on what’s not working?
How well your life works has to do with where you put your focus. This article came out of a conversation about blamers and people whose habitual perspective is to see the world through the filter of “The Cup Is Half Empty,” or “Look At What’s Wrong With the World,” or “You Know What’s Really Sad?”, etc.
My personal preference is to see “The Cup Is Overflowing.” And, in my life, that’s exactly what I get. Not that icky things don’t happen. But even when they do, I embrace them because that means I will learn a lesson, and come out the other end a happier, wiser woman with even greater capacity to love and be loved. I am living proof that this philosophy works.
Another piece of my personal philosophy is, “Everything that’s happening is supposed to be happening, or it wouldn’t be happening.” It’s my way of accepting what is so I don’t get tossed around by life. We ALL make choices every moment of every day. Our perspective is one of those many choices and it will absolutely color EVERYTHING we see and interpret.
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