When a Man Needs Space


Men are pretty straight-forward. It probably means he needs to retreat and regroup himself.

What is a woman supposed to think when a man says he needs space?
Men are pretty straight-forward. It probably means he needs to retreat and regroup himself, which is another way of saying he needs to get by himself and think. Beyond, that stop torturing yourself wondering what’s going on. He’ll let you know in due time.
Your job is to learn to focus on your own life, learn to take things in stride, and learn to take responsibility to your reaction to what happens in your life, so you can choose to be happy more of the time.
Women write to me every day, asking what a man means by something he said or did. Women make themselves crazy trying to figure men out. The best thing to do is get busy enjoying your life, and he’ll let you know what he wants and needs from you when he’s ready. If a man is into you, he’ll contact you and want to be with you. If he isn’t, he won’t, or he’ll make up an excuse about how busy his life is. There are two reasons, and only two, why a man will not pursue a relationship with a woman.
You’re not the right one.
It’s not the right time.
That covers all possibilities.
If a man is focused on his work because he isn’t where he wants to be in his career or in his finances, and you’re the right one, he’ll pass because the timing is off. Men are very simple. That’s why I chose the title of my most popular book, “Men Made Easy.”
I want women to learn to be happy, which is our primary job as humans. So you must take charge of your own happiness. I talk to women all the time who want to know WHY a man does or says what he does. When you do that, you are going to work yourself into a tizzy because you’re only guessing.
Fretting over something you have no control over is handing your happiness over to that person. This is a HUGE lesson that few people learn. You have a choice. I hope you make a good one.
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