Stop Worrying About How It’s Going

Stop Worrying About How It’s Going

Women write to me all the time worrying about how their relationship is going and wanting to know what they can do to “make him fall in love with me and want to commit to only me.”

Stop it!!! Stop the worrying and fretting. Worrying about how you’re doing will take away from the power of your Feminine Grace. Worrying is not pleasant energy to be around. And fretting about “where is this going, how does he really feel about me, when will he say ‘I love you,’ when will he commit,” are exactly the way to turn him off and cause him to withdraw.

Here are a few points to remember:

1. Always be beautiful in “how you are.”
2. That means: no nagging, whining, complaining, belittling, gossiping, etc.; not just toward him, but everyone else, including yourself.
3. Let him know how he makes you happy.
4. Appreciate him for all he does for you.
5. Appreciate his masculine qualities, especially those he admires in himself.
6. MOST IMPORTANT, take responsibility for your own happiness, and BE HAPPY. Every time you let him know you’re unhappy, he takes it personally.
Do all that, and he will never want to risk losing you because he’ll see how you are different from EVERY other woman he’s known.

Women today are very powerful but that power needs to be packaged within Feminine Grace if you are going to be able to make a man feel loved, appreciated and looked up to. Too often, powerful women make a man feel emasculated. But know this, a man also wants to look up to and respect his woman. Not easy, but because we’re women, we can do it. The secrets for how to do that are here.

From my heart to yours,
Kara Oh

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