Sex Is More Than Orgasms

Sex Is More Than Orgasms

When you let go of orgasm as the goal, a lot of things can happen:

You can move into more freedom of expression.

You can focus on your partner.

You can get lost in what you’re doing, and feeling.

The pressure to perform is off.

You’ll move from having sex to making love.

You’re more likely to make love for longer periods of time.

You’ll be more spontaneous, creative, adventuresome.

By letting go of the need to orgasm you can allow yourselves to take your time and enjoy each other more completely. There are other benefits too. The man doesn’t have to worry about keeping an erection. In the course of an hour or two or three of lovemaking, his erection will come and go. It’s natural. That doesn’t mean he isn’t enjoying what he’s doing. You’ll be more likely to kiss more, touch in places and ways that you may not have thought of, and enjoy each other’s bodies more. You’ll find you take time to rest in between, to talk, and expand your concepts of making love.

Then, when you do want to have an orgasm, you can purposefully move into that process and most likely have a greater experience because of the connection you created in the lovemaking that flowed before.

From my heart to yours,
Kara Oh

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