Seven Secrets Of Couples Who Love Sex

Seven Secrets Of Couples Who Love Sex

1) They know sex doesn’t always mean intercourse. Any physical loving is sex, even for a few minutes in the morning. Commit to being sexual at least once a day.

2) They pencil each other in. They make time for sex.

3) They launch sneak attacks. Flirting, touching, sexy notes and messages at unexpected times keep the hormones running and the interest high.

4) They don’t let the kids call the shots. They know kids can change the sexual energy and don’t allow that to get in the way of the intimacy they want from each other.

5) They know they won’t always ache for sex, and it won’t always be amazing. But they know it’s the intimacy that counts.

6) They let go of the dumb stuff. They don’t let the to-do list take priority over their desire for passion and intimacy.

Here’s a cute way of looking at sex. “Sex is like an opened bag of potato chips, it casts an irresistible spell: The more often you make love, the more often you want to.” Sex begets sex.

Finally, as one woman put it, “Sex is just too important to have only sporadically. It’s the true bonding agent in a relationship.” Women need to understand that sex is a lot more than just sex to most men and then see it as a positive force in their own physiology. According to The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, of the 72% of men who admitted to having affairs outside of their primary relationship, the reason given most often was not enough sex at home. Think about it.

From my heart to yours,
Kara Oh

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