The Key To His Heart and Your Happiness


The Feminine Grace is the foundation of everything I teach.

The Feminine Grace is the foundation of everything I teach. It is what causes a woman to be truly happy. It’s actually the key to enjoying more fully every aspect of your life.

We think we’re our own person, able to choose how we live our lives. But a lot of how and why we make the choices we do has to do with our culture. The culture of our family is the strongest influence because it’s our whole world during those first formative years. But a lot of how the culture of a family is created has to do with conforming to what is expected, what helps us fit in and what is considered proper behavior.

Lots of what makes up our culture is good and helps us be responsible, productive and self-sufficient. But one thing I’ve been able to watch take shape is how the Feminist Movement has impacted our culture. I was in my 20’s when it began. Females born at that time now know nothing else. It did some good in our society but it is, in my opinion, the primary reason people have such difficulty creating and sustaining satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

Women have been taught they don’t need men. And to back this up, men tell me all the time, “Why do women even want us around?” As I explain in my book, Men Made Easy, more than just about anything, a man needs to feel needed.

When a woman is fully connected to, and able to celebrate her femininity and her womanness, she can enjoy needing a man without feeling diminished in any way. The cornerstone of all I teach is Feminine Grace. In that state a woman can discover her magnificence, her true source of beauty and her joy. When a woman is able to dance with her glorious woman energy, fully and freely, she becomes the kind of woman a man will treasure.

What I teach is how to cause a man to fall madly in love with you (even a love that has gone dormant) and worship the ground you walk on because he feels utterly grateful that you are his woman. There is no room for a wimpy woman in this scenario. The only way a woman can get this is when she discovers that Feminine Grace is her true power base. Some woman know it naturally but most do not. I’m living proof that it can be learned.

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From my heart to yours, Kara Oh

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