How To Create a Healthy Relationship

How To Create a Healthy Relationship

The first step to creating a healthy relationship is to know what a healthy relationship looks like.

A healthy relationship is a partnership in which each person helps and supports the other in being exactly who they are and inspiring them to continue to grow and expand their potential for loving, giving, and being happy. In doing so, it helps to understand the roles men and women naturally play in a healthy relationship.

Women are the natural caretakers of a relationship. Men rely on a woman’s instinct to keep a relationship on track. Men will pursue women in the hopes of beginning a relationship, but once they are in the relationship, they look to the woman’s guidance to nurture it. If women will accept the role they play and not expect a man to do what is often unnatural to him, a couple will stay open to loving and nurturing each other.

When a couple is more accepting of what each brings to the relationship, women can use their Feminine Grace to lovingly communicate their needs. When she learns to do this, her man is driven to do what he can to make her happy.

When a woman doesn’t not know how to get their needs met with Feminine Grace, she will often try to do so in a way that is abrasive, belittling, whining or nagging, all very ugly ways to behave and repellent to men. When a woman treats her husband or boyfriend in these ugly ways, he loses his desire to make her happy.

A healthy relationship is founded on respect and caring equally for each other’s needs. When we approach our relationship with this attitude, the lines of communication stay open, the desire to make each other happy is fulfilling and love flourishes.

Understanding the different roles men and women play in a relationship can help you avoid the nasty arguments that arise when one person does not live up to the other’s expectations. The more we understand each other, and especially how we are different, allows us to create profoundly satisfying relationships that are filled with love, passion, friendship and mutual respect.

From my heart to yours,
Kara Oh

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