He’s Wonderful… But


I often get requests for advice from women who tell me how wonderful their man is. Then they go into

I often get requests for advice from women who tell me how wonderful their man is. Then they go into all the things that make them unhappy. If this sounds like you, I would invited you to do an exercise that can be very revealing. On a piece of paper draw a line down the middle from top to bottom. On the left put the things about him that ARE wonderful and the things he does that make you happy. On the right put the things that are NOT wonderful and make you unhappy.

NOTE: If you’ve been reading my articles, then you know that I firmly believe that NO ONE can MAKE you unhappy. Only you can do that by how you respond to situations and what others do. You can also make yourself happy, by how you look at life. A positive, grateful attitude and perspective will cause you to be happy.

When you do the above exercise, you can see in black and white, a clearer picture of who a man is and if he is what you want. It is not your job to try to change a man’s character or personality. You can change surface things, like how he cuts his hair, whether or not he has a beard, or getting him to wear cowboy boots because you think they’re sexy. But just as you are responsible for your own happiness, you are NOT responsible for his.

On another note, you should never make excuses for his character. He’s either someone you trust, admire and respect, or he’s not. If not, ask yourself why you are with him? Dating is about discovering who a man is, not trying to create a relationship. Once you are clear that a man has all the qualities that you need in a partner, THEN you start forming a relationship.

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