Fake It, Moi?

Fake It, Moi?

Why do women fake orgasm?

Here are several reasons:

Women know that men love it when a woman has an orgasm.

They know men feel they’re a better lover and more of a man when they “make her come.”

Women fear the man will think there’s something wrong with them if they aren’t able to orgasm easily, or at all, so rather than have her partner think she isn’t sexual enough, or there’s something wrong with her, she fakes it.

Some women fake it to get it over with.

If she doesn’t care about her partner, if he’s an inept lover, or if she’s tired, she might fake it so he will “finish.”

A woman’s orgasm is her responsibility, so she can’t blame it entirely on her lover. If a woman fakes an orgasm, she’s missing out on the pleasure of the real thing, and trust can’t possibly develop if she’s not being honest. Men fake orgasm for many of the same reasons, but it’s far less often. With the more common use of the condom men are more easily able to fake it.

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