In Celebration of Life, Love and Happiness

In Celebration of Life, Love and Happiness

Life can be a celebration, filled with amazing experiences. Many of these experiences are sensual in nature. They’re all around us if we just open ourselves to them: a warm shower in the morning, a good belly laugh, the morning light behind delicate petals of a flower, the cool feel of silk, a glass of water when we’re thirsty, or the feel of skin when lovers touch.

Sex, love, and romance are thrilling in the early stages of a romance. Every touch, look, and kiss sends bolts of lightening through us. We swoon at the sight of our new lover. What’s lacking in technique is frequently made up for by the newness of the romance.

When that newness wears off what remains is the beginnings of a potentially deepening relationship, but because we frequently don’t have the tools of communication, conflict resolution, and sensual technique, we “fall out of love” and move on to the next thrilling attraction.

Sex is all about the thrills, but also the potential for deepening your committed love. The thrills of romance, sex and love; the thrills of pleasure through the senses; the thrills that go along with attraction that can turn into the thrills of love. Most of us are looking for those thrills but the love that fills our hearts is the greatest thrill of all.

From my heart to yours,
Kara Oh

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